Music tip: Douwe Bob – Foor Bar

He’s only 23, but Douwe Bob is now on his third album. In 2012 he won the program “The Best Singer-Songwriter of the Netherlands. With Sweet Sunshine, Douwe Bob had the most played song on 3FM last year. He excels at writing beautiful ballads and catchy pop songs that are nice to listen to.

This appeals not only to teenage girls, but also their parents. The last few weeks he was in the spotlight at the Eurovision Song Contest, where he finished in tenth place. He is now beginning a club tour through the Netherlands and is performing at a number of festivals. The strong openers Slow Down, How Lucky We Are, and Settle Down tell thier own story and are reflective in tone. But soon other characters arrive in the Fool Bar and we hear their stories. Gradually the atmosphere becomes exuberant. Producer Matthijs van Duijvenbode ensures a flawless, handcrafted production, with many winks to the sixties and seventies. They emphasize that Douwe Bob is an old soul in a young body.